Bangers & Mash - ZX Spectrum

Bangers & Mash - ZX Spectrum

Publisher: Alternative Software
Year of release: 1992
Number of players: 1
Controller: Joystick, Keyboard
Bangers and Mash is a nice and cool game from Bizarre Developments, based on TV show for kids with the same name. The game was released in 1992.

You are in control of a cute bear that can move left and right, jump and shoot some kind of balls. While moving to the sides, the screen flips when you reach the complete edge of the scene. When moving up and down, the screen scrolls smoothly.

The goal of this game is to collect a certain amount of fruits. You can see how much is left to collect on a counter at the bottom left corner. Once you collect all the fruits, a balloon flies out of nowhere and takes you to a next level, which is basically the same. After completing all levels and collecting the necessary fruits, there is a balloon that will take you to your bear mother, who is going to bake a well deserved apple pie for you. The game is over.

There are some creatures that will try to stop you from your tries - animals that can be shot with the ball and disappear, a ghost that will get pushed away if you shoot it, or an evil witch. You can make the game more interesting by collecting diamonds that will make your overall score higher, but don't have any effect on completing tasks.
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