Wabbit - Atari 2600

Wabbit - Atari 2600

Publisher: Apollo
Year of release: 1982
Number of players: 1 - 2
Controller: Joystick
The name of the game, Wabbit, for Atari 2600 comes from the TV series with Bugs Bunny. Wabbits are rabbits in this game, probably representing Bugs Bunny.

Playing as a farmer, your mission is to protect your crop. There are 10 rows on your screen with 3 plants in each of them. Every row has a hole on it's end (left or right) and wabbits come from them, trying to steal your plants.

Your character stands at the bottom of your screen. You can move it in horizontal directions using your joystick and throw eggs on wabbits with the joystick button. If some of the wabbits manage to escape with your plant back to his hole without you shooting him, they gain a point (score at the bottom left). If you manage to hit the wabbit carrying the plant, you gain 10 points (your score at the bottom right). Hit without the plant is for 5 points.
Once you gain 100 points, the score of wabbits is restored to 0.
If wabbits collect all of your 30 plants, the field grows back again, the score remains the same and you continue the game. The problem is that the more plants are on the field, the harder is for you to protect them and wabbits gain their points more easily.
The game ends if they gain 100 points.

Before you start, pick a game mode by the SELECT button.
1- 1 player, 2 wabbits
2- 2 players, 2 wabbits
3- 1 player, 1 wabbit
4- 2 players, 1 wabbit
5- 1 player, 3 wabbits
6- 2 players, 3 wabbits
7- 1 player, children difficulty
8- 2 players, children difficulty

The game is adorable and entertaining, kids must have liked it.
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