Pooyan - Atari 2600

Pooyan - Atari 2600

Publisher: Konami
Year of release: 198
Number of players: 1 - 2
Controller: Joystick
Pooyan for Atari 2600 is a game from Konami company, in which you control a pig defending itself against an army of evil wolves.

Evil wolves want to kill you. They come from the top left corner, from some kind of a cliff, and use balloons to get down to you. You, cute little pig, try to shoot them down. You use the joystick to move up or down on the pulley. Unfortunately, the movement of characters is not smooth, but in steps. Your movement is limited to 6 positions. You shoot using the button. Some of the wolves have a week balloon and it takes only 1 shot to shoot them down. Some of them can take more shots. If you shoot the wolf down, it will fall on the ground and die. However if you don't shoot it down, it will land on the ground, climb up to you and start attacking you from behind. You need to evade his attacks. A rock appears above you from time to time. You can get to it and pick it up by moving the joystick up. You can throw the rock by pressing the button and kill more wolves at the time.

Once you defend yourself against the first wave of wolves, you'll get to another round, where wolves changed their strategy and come from the ground, using balloons to fly up to a giant rock. Once there are 5 wolves at the rock, they will throw it on you.

You have a total of 3 lives in this game, which you can lose if some of the flying wolves hits you, bites you from behind or they manage to drop the giant rock on you.

This game can be played also by 2 players taking turns after a life loss.
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