Outlaw - Atari 2600

Outlaw - Atari 2600

Publisher: Atari
Year of release: 1978
Number of players: 1 - 2
Controller: Joystick
Outlaw is a simple game for one or two players, set into the surroundings of Wild West. There are two cowboys standing agains each other in the two players mode. One player is on the left side, the other one on the right side, divided by an obstacle (deppending on the mode). You can move with your character to all directions with the joystick and shoot by pressing the joystick button. You can also shoot obliquely and the bullet bounces of the edges of the screen. The goal is to hit your opponent. You will obtain 1 point everytime you hit the other player. The game stops after one of the players reaches ten points - the player wins.

The game contains of 16 modes, which can be changed by the SELECT button.

First 12 modes are for a 2 players game. Each mode is different because of the obstacle between the players. These obstacles can vary from an indestructible cactus to a stagecoach which can be shot through.

Last four modes are for one player game. There is a moving target behind the obstacle instead of the opponent, which needs to be shot. The goal in one player modes is to hit the target ten times as fast as possible.
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