Karate - Atari 2600

Karate - Atari 2600

Publisher: Ultravision, Froggo Games Corporation
Year of release: 1982
Number of players: 1 - 2
Controller: Joystick
The Karate game is often labeled as one of the worst games for Atari 2600.

There is a ring on your screen with two karate fighters in it. The graphics is quite good, considering possibilities of Atari 2600.

You can choose one or two players game mode with the SELECT button and start the game with the RESET button.

You control your fighter's movement to all directions via joystick. Combination of the joystick direction and pressing the joystick button causes one of 4 attacks.

List of attacks:

Joystick button only or Joystick button + up - hit in the face.
Joystick button + down - hit to the chest.
Joystick button + forward - high kick.
Joystick button + backward - low kick.

There is a 2 minutes time limit for each round displayed at the top center of the screen and the score on each side. Every player gets an adequate amount of points after a hit. The game ends after reaching the time limit. Player with the highest score wins and can enjoy the humiliation of his defeated opponent in the winning screen.

The Karate game was originally created by Ultravision company. The game was re-released by the Froggo company in mid 80's.
Despite the fact, that the game is considered as one of the worst games for Atari, it is quite rare piece for game collectors. The value of one cartridge from the original Ultravision release is several thousands of dollars and the owner of this piece can be very proud. However, the more recent Froggo company release does not have any extra collector's value.
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Karate and boxing. Two super grafic fighting games :D
3 years 2 months ago