Gopher - Atari 2600

Gopher - Atari 2600

Publisher: US Games
Year of release: 1982
Number of players: 1 - 2
Controller: Joystick
In the game Gopher for Atari 2600, you are a gardener protecting your 3 carrots, which a bad mole tries to steal from you. The mole is digging his way under the ground and sometimes climbs up to the surface. You try to stop him in doing this by moving your joystick in horizontal directions and pressing the button to bury the holes he made, or to hit him with the shovel, if he made it to the surface. If he steals the carrot from you, it all starts over again, only you have one carrot less. If you lose at least one carrot, there is a duck flying in the sky and drops a carrot sead on the ground. Try to catch the sead and plant it by pressing the button. Once the mole eats your last carrot, the game is over.

Gopher is for one player, or two players taking turns after a carrot is stolen.

Gopher game modes, which can be changed by the SELECT button:

Gopher Game 1 - one player game - duck
Gopher Game 2 - two players game - duck
Gopher Game 3 - one player game - no duck
Gopher Game 4 - two players game - no duck
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