Dragster - Atari 2600

Dragster - Atari 2600

Publisher: Activision
Year of release: 1980
Number of players: 2
Dragster for Atari 2600 belongs to the first group of four games released by a new company - Activision. The game was released in 1980.

Dragster is a simple game for 2 players challenging each other on vertically divided TV screen. You will find yourself as a driver of so called dragster, which is a special car modified for short-range races. The countdown begins with pressing a button. You can gear up by moving your joystick to the left, or gear down by moving it to the right. The button works as an accelerator pedal. Important is to 1) gear right on time and 2) accelerate just below the red zone on your rev counter to prevent destroying your engine, which can happen really fast in this game. The race is very quick, all is over in 7 seconds. The player who is first in finish, wins.

As we often see in these old games, there is no introduction or visual ending of each race in Dragster. Despite this fact, if you imagine that kids were allowed to race with each other in a dragster racing in those days, it was probably an amazing experience for them.
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