Air Raid - Atari 2600

Air Raid - Atari 2600

Publisher: Men-A-Vision
Year of release: 1982
Number of players: 1
Controller: Joystick
The MenAvision company released Air Raid as their only game for Atari 2600 and they did it with style - the cartridge also contained a handle. Only a few original cartridges and even fewer original packaging and instruction notes were preserved until today. It is why Air Raid is now very valuable. A complete game package was sold for $33,000 in 2012.

In the Air Raid game, you need to resist enemy attacks, which come from the top of the screen. You control your plane to avoid enemy helicopters, planes, UFO and their shots, or you try to shoot these flying objects down.

It seems like the game has no ending in a way that it has no actual goal. Your mission is to collect as many points as possible until you get shot down. You have a total of 3 lives at the beginning and you can gain extra life with every 500 points of your score.

You can select one of 8 game difficulty levels with the SELECT button before you begin. Every difficulty level changes some game parameters, for example you can't hit enemy objects in first 5 levels - objects disappear in front of you.

The screen in the back is moving from left to right, so you have a feeling of an actual flight.

Air Raid is only a one player game.
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