Retro Console Atari Flashback 9

110 Atari retro games in one console - it is Atari Flashback 9

3 years 2 months ago

What I found about Atari Flashback 9 on internet:

Perfect clone of the legendary Atari 2600 console

110 Atari retro games in one console

The famous era of television video games is back! The return of the Atari Flashback 9 BOOM! - 2018 is the proof. Go back in time! A total of 110 games from the 1980s have been installed and they will be a giant challenge for every player who was born after that. Ideally, this is a great item for fathers and sons because they can spend a lot of hours hanging out together while playing games where the father has a fighting chance. The Atari 2600 was the first available console for home users, giving us the whole game industry as we know it today. Play games like Pong, Space Invaders, Centipede, Frogger or Tempest.