Darkwing duck (NES) - Level 1 walkthrough

I was playing Darkwing duck on Nintendo Entertiment System and walkthrough level one (bridge) with killing boss on the end of the game.

10 months 13 days ago

Hi guys,
I'm Daniel from Youtube Channel DANIEL's GAMING and I love to play old games.
My second old game video is Darkwing duck on Nintendo Entertiment System.

Let's watch:

0:13 Start game
0:39 First part of level 1 (Bridge)
2:42 Second part of level 1
3:37 Third part of level 1 (Boss)
6:01 Last chance to destroy the boss!
7:26 Level 1 done! End of the video

I hope you like Durkwing duck game and my video and hope to see you next time!