Darkwing duck (NES) - Level 1 walkthrough

I was playing Darkwing duck on Nintendo Entertiment System and walkthrough level one (bridge) with killing boss on the end of the game.

3 years 2 months ago

Hi guys,
I'm Daniel from Youtube Channel DANIEL's GAMING and I love to play old games.
My second old game video is Darkwing duck on Nintendo Entertiment System.

Let's watch:

0:13 Start game
0:39 First part of level 1 (Bridge)
2:42 Second part of level 1
3:37 Third part of level 1 (Boss)
6:01 Last chance to destroy the boss!
7:26 Level 1 done! End of the video

I hope you like Durkwing duck game and my video and hope to see you next time!